"I started resilient in February. It only took a couple classes for me to get hooked!! I noticed right away that Emil is very welcoming, energetic, and supportive. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to consistently find time for classes, after a couple of weeks I realized if 1 made it a priority, I would find a way to make the time. I've been making it a priority for almost 4 months now, and I don't know what I did before without resilient!!! I've lost 17 lbs and counting, I've found a great outlet for stress, an amazing source of energy, and an awesome community of supportive, caring and positive people!!"

Age 13 Sport Basketball


My son Trey Edwards 1st started boxing lessons with Emil in 2018 at Title Boxing. We were looking for a boxing trainer to teach our son Trey the sport and to increase his hand speed, foot speed, hand eye coordination etc.We had heard from friends and family that boxing was a great cross training sport for basketball so therefore our goal was to find a great trainer to help our son with reaching his fullest potential. 



My name is Cynthia, I have been a member at Resilient boxing for about four months. I am 60 years young and have worked out most of my adult life and had memberships at several different fitness clubs. From my first workout with Emil, I knew that there was something special about Resilient Boxing. Emil is a ball of energy and he is very passionate about boxing. His passion carries over to his relationship building with each one of the members. Emil is truly interested in understanding the needs and goals of his clientele and he has the ability to adapt to each individual, regardless of age, gender or skill level. The level of support, instruction  and encouragement the coaches extend makes me push myself harder than I’ve ever done before. 

There is a banner hanging on the wall of the gym that reads: “What’s Your Story and How Can Resilient Boxing Change Your Life?” Resilient boxing has changed my life by helping me to recognize my self doubt and redirecting it to where I believe in myself and my abilities. It took a little while to get here, but I have since increased my overall performance, even scoring over 100,000 at times! I have also increased the number of days that I attend class from two to four, and I feel fantastic. Boxing has been such a great outlet for releasing stress and I found that I am sleeping better at night. I would definitely recommend giving Resilient Boxing a try, it just may change your life too.

Age 11 Sport Basketball


Danny started training with Emil in January of 2021. Our hope was for him to gain some confidence and maybe improve his hand speed. What we found was an electric trainer that lesson after lesson brings energy, knowledge and unappareled passion for his craft. What we thought would be a few months of something new for Danny has turned into a 2 year journey where we’ve seen our son grow not only in boxing, but his training has led to gains in all of his sports and more importantly in life. Emil is not afraid to push his clients and get the best out of them and he does it in a wildly positive way.  When you work with Emil you’re not getting a trainer for 45 minutes a week, you’re getting a trainer that is with you whenever you need him. Whether it’s the work he does to promote Danny on social media or the multiple times he has made time to show up at school talent shows Emil always puts is clients first. His emotional and time commitment to his clients is greater than anything we’ve seen.



Resilient boxing has tremendously increased my self motivation. I have been focusing on improving my eating habits and exercising throughout the week. Emil is an awesome motivator. The member community is so supportive and encouraging.

Age 10


My name is Hannah and I will be 10 years old in December. I have been boxing at Resilient Boxing for about 3 and a half months now and I love it! Boxing is a hobby I enjoy and look forward to! The improvements I’ve made have given me the self confidence I need to feel comfortable in my own skin. The coaches encourage me to give it my all and I can feel the strength I’ve gained over the last few months. Coach Emil takes the time to teach me the correct form and technique to safely get a good work out and maybe some day, defend myself. I’m excited to start at my new school and tell my classmates I do boxing!

Age 12


Coach Emil is more than just a coach. He is a mentor, a friend and the true meaning of “leading by example”. My 12 year old son started with him over a year ago and the growth he has had on the basketball court, in the classroom and at home has been amazing. The confidence boxing has given him has changed his life in so many ways. We are thankful for such a great program. We would recommend Emil to anyone. We are lucky to know him.